PHOTOGRAPHY CONTEST. Natuurmonumenten: ‘Photo of the month, February’

Hello everyone!

Last month, February, I participated in a photography contest of Natuurmonumenten.
Natuurmonumenten is a Dutch organization which is active trying to improve the living situation of big game in the Netherlands. Of course this isn’t all they do but it is one of the main things.

Every month you can send in a maximum of three photos for the ‘photo of the month’ contest. There are two catogories: Animals & Landscape.

I decided to sent in these three!


The one with the swans is called Syncgronized Swimming.
The one with the robin is called Little Red Fellow.
The one with the fence is called Relief of Moss.

If you wanna know where I took the pictures you can visit my photography account!

Let me know what you think!

If you wanna know more about Natuurmonumten you can vistit their site.

Byee! -xx- Rosan


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