GHENT, BELGIUM. Citytrip 06-01-17 & 07-01-17: Day 1

Citytrip to Ghent, Belgium

Heyy everyone!

Last January I went to Ghent in Belgium. I wanted to visit this city for quite a while and when my boyfriend heard this he decided to book a room in a B&B (bed & breakfast) and take me there. I was extremely happy! We would stay for one night, so two days.

We stayed in the B&B ‘Het Rommelwater‘. I could recommend staying here. It’s a nice place. The rooms are clean, you have your own bathroom and you even have the possibility to put your food in a refrigerator if you want to. However, it might me a Bed & Breakfast, you must pay extra if you want to get breakfast. We decided to get breakfast somewhere else. (Skip to day 2, coming soon)

Day 1 (06-01-2017)

After we made a little road trip and jammed to some mixtapes we parked the car at the B&B and started walking to the city centre. When we were there, there was a winter festival going on. Complete with a lot of food stalls, souvenirs, an ice rink and even a Ferris wheel!

We payed a quick visit to the Sint-Baafskathedraal first and then went to Belfort where we climbed up the tower. This is the view from Belfort on the Sint-Baafskathedraal.


We’ve got some drinks in ’t Verschil. They don’t have a website bit their address is Graslei 1.

From this café you could see Graslei. This is a street in the historic centre of Ghent, and one of the great sightseeing places in the city. The place has a lot of history. In the middle of the street runs the river Leie. When the trade activities started to expand in the eleventh century, this street became the harbour of Ghent. It also is one of the reasons Ghent became the grain trading centre of Flanders.

Castle Gravensteen was next. It was decorated as a winter wonder castle, it even had a pop-up bar. The view from up here was even better!

While walking through the castle you could read posters with pieces of a fairy-tale on them. When you were at the of the route, you could read the last poster, and the end of the story. I wanted to read them, my boyfriend didn’t. Long story short, I had to run through the castle a couple times because he walked ahead and I lost him 😉

Here’s a quick impression of the castle and the view.


And, of course, I wanted to go on the Ferris wheel 😉

It was pretty dark already, so the pictures made from the Ferris wheel a bit dark…

This was basically the first day in Ghent, I will post about the second day soon!

Byee -xx- Rosan


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