My blog. Our world.

Hi everyone!

I’ll introduce myself first.
I’m Rosan van Noord, I’m currently 18 and I live in the Netherlands.
I started this blog because I wanted to document and share the things I enjoy.

As you maybe already guessed, I am really into photography. I believe that there isn’t any place where you can’t take a good picture. I try to participate in photography contests as often as I can, so I’ll posts updates of those too!

This kind of goes with the fact that I like photography, but I love to travel, and I know I am not the only one!
I am aware that this sounds cliché but I love discovering new places and exploring the world bit by bit. I am interested in cultures and what distinguishes people from me and from each other. But besides all that, I just like being outside, and being in nature.

But you know what? If going outside isn’t your thing, and you’d rather stay home and eat, this blog is also for you! On this blog you can also find recipes to try.
I like to keep it a bit healthy so I usually cook or bake without lots of sugar or ‘unhealthy’ carbs.
Do not throw your laptop out of the window because you assume I eat weird, cause I’ll tell you something.
First of all, you’re probably right 😉
Second of all, I do this because I like it this way, and because I am not a crazy sportsfan but I do like to stay healthy.

Before you ask. No, I do not just sit at home and eat or run around in the forest with my camera. I do have other interests, writing for example, that’s why I started this blog. It all adds up, doesn’t it 😉 There is more, but it’d be a long list.

Some random facts about me; so we won’t be strangers anymore.
I have a weakness for coffee. Especcialy latte macchiato.
I take a drawing set almost everywhere I go.
I own a gryffindor scarf, because Harry Potter.
I have a tendency of taking pictures with people I meet on holiday if I think they’re nice.
I’m realising I am not that interesting while I’m writing this.

If you want to know anything about me, or just want to ask me a question, feel free contact me! You can also send me something on Instagram (personal account please, my photography account gets lots of spam -.- )

I hope you enjoy this blog, and I hope y’all have a great day!